The holiday season is in full swing and many families are on the hunt to find the perfect Christmas tree for their homes.

With the possibility of 25,000 bugs living inside one single Christmas tree, you’ll want to make sure you are checking your freshly-cut Christmas tree for creepy crawlers, especially for venomous spiders.

In 2017, a black widow spider was spotted on a Christmas tree at a grocery store in San Antonio, Texas. According to, the black widow spider is responsible for over 2,500 visits to the poison control center every single year. Although the venom of a black widow spider is 15 times more toxic than a dangerous prairie rattlesnake, they pose very little threat to humans.

Keep an eye out for brown recluse spiders as they could be hiding just about anywhere in your home. These eight-legged creatures can be found in dark places including closets, boxes, woodpiles, and even Christmas trees.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Bugs

The good news is most farmers take preventative steps to get rid of bugs hiding inside Christmas trees. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to give your Christmas tree a good shake before bringing it inside your home. You can also vacuum the surrounding areas for any insects hiding in or around your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree, Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Avoid spraying your Christmas tree with harsh chemicals or pesticides as they tend to be extremely flammable. Take the all-natural route and treat your Christmas tree with neem oil. This will kill off any remaining insects, including larvae and eggs. Enjoy the holidays and keep your Christmas tree pest-free all season long with these simple and easy tips.