Traveling to Colorado? Here are 7 money-saving tips for road tripping to Colorado.

1. Find Cheap Gas

Spend less money on the road by saving on gas prices. Plan ahead and find the cheapest gas station in the area using gas apps. This money-saving tip is an easy way to keep costs down on your next road trip.

Gas Station Photo Credit: Mike Mozart (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart (Flickr).

2. Pack Your Own Food

Save your money by packing a cooler of drinks and food. Road trips usually consist of long days of travel, so you’ll want to have plenty of snacks available. This way everyone will be happy and satisfied on the road. For easy to pack road trip snacks, click here.

3. Book a Shared Room

Save your money when looking for a place to stay. Instead of booking a traditional room at a hotel, consider saving some extra money by booking a shared room on Airbnb. If you’re feeling extra spontaneous, you can even stay for free by car camping.

Camping Colorado Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals (Flickr).

Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals (Flickr).

4. Avoid Toll Roads

When possible, avoid tolls when road tripping to Colorado.  Toll roads can be expensive and often lead to forgotten bills that can damage your credit score. Set your navigation to avoid toll roads and save money on your trip.

5. Make Your Own Coffee

Save money on your next road trip by brewing your own coffee. With a jet boil, you can brew fresh and delicious coffee right on the road. Paying for expensive lattes can add up quickly, especially when you’re traveling. Brew your own coffee and save money!

Jetboil Photo Credit: patchattack (Flickr).

Photo Credit: patchattack (Flickr).

6. Fill Your Water Bottle

Say no to bottled water! When traveling, you can save money by carrying a reusable water bottle, especially in an ec0-friendly state like Colorado. Fill up your reusable water bottle at hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and rest stops.

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7. Follow The Speed Limit

Don’t be in such a rush to get there! Following the speed limit is one of the best ways to save money on a road trip and avoid a costly ticket from law enforcement. Besides, this will give you more time to hit the road and enjoy the scenic views in Colorado.

Use these money-saving tips and tricks to experience an epic road trip through Colorado.