Don’t let limited space keep you from throwing a memorable party. Here are a few simple tips for hosting an epic party in a smaller setting.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Free up some extra space in your home by rearranging some furniture. If you do it just right, you can create more space for your guests to enjoy the party. In addition to making the most out of smaller spaces, keep a few extra chairs on hand for seating.

Kitchen Photo Credit: asbe (iStock).

Photo Credit: asbe (iStock).

2. Less Is More

You don’t need to go overboard to pull off a successful party. Go light on the decorations. Prepare easy appetizers and set up a buffet table. Ask guests to bring their favorite bottle of booze. Put these hosting hacks into action and keep your guests entertained all night long.

Appetizers, Photo Credit: NelliSyr (iStock).

Photo Credit: NelliSyr (iStock).

3. Keep It Down To Earth

Don’t get too serious. A good party is all about having a good time with close family and friends. Bring your guests together by rounding up a few of your favorite party games and activities. Having fun is top essential for throwing an epic party.

Games, Photo Credit: vadimguzhva (iStock).

Photo Credit: vadimguzhva (iStock).

4. Utilize Outdoor Space

If the temperatures are just right, move your party outdoors. From bond fires to patio seating and outdoor grilling, there’s plenty of creative ways to maximize every inch of space in your home. You can even take advantage of any extra garage space.

You can throw a fabulous party even in the smallest spaces with these simple tips and tricks.