If you’re living with a terrible roommate, chances are you’re starting to lose your mind. Here are 5 signs you have the worst roommate ever.

1. Your Roommate Uses Your Things

Setting boundaries is always a good idea for any type of living situation. Assume the obvious, the couch, oven, Netflix account, and other common items can be shared. However, whenever a roommate starts taking your personal stuff without asking, it can be extremely problematic.

2. The Boyfriend Never Leaves

Are you starting to feel like you’ve bargained for more than one roommate? A boyfriend who extends his welcome far too long can create some pretty awkward tension between roommates. Don’t let this happen to you. Speak up and address the situation politely.

Roommate, Photo Credit: AntonioGuillem (iStock).

Photo Credit: AntonioGuillem (iStock).

3. Paying Bills Late

There’s nothing more frustrating than a roommate who can’t pay their portion of the bills on time. Don’t feel obligated to pick up any of the slack, even if it is a really good friend. If your roommate is consistently late on bills, it may be time to part ways and find a new housemate.

4. The Mess is Driving You Crazy

No one likes a messy roommate. From dirty dishes piling up to clutter all over the bathroom sink, dealing with a messy roommate can be a daunting task. Talk to your roommate about working together and assigning certain chore. For the most part, focus on keeping shared areas organized and tidy.

Dirty Dishes, Photo Credit: ikrents (iStock).

Photo Credit: ikrents (iStock).

5. Your Roommate Likes To Party

Living with a roommate who loves to party can be difficult, especially if you’re an early riser. You can’t expect your roommate to have the same exact schedule as you or interests for that matter. Although, a roommate that is constantly throwing parties is certainly a red flag to watch out for. Do your best to keep the peace and coordinate schedules to avoid any future wild parties.