From cleaning supplies to extra bed linens, there are many necessities to help you get settled into your new or existing apartment. Here are 10 apartment essentials every renter should have.

1. French Press

All coffee lovers should keep a french press in their kitchens. Brew fresh, delicious coffee right in your apartment using a french press. Not only will you brew great coffee, but you’ll save money on fancy and expensive lattes.

Coffee Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

2. Cheese Board

Whether it’s late night snacking, a girls night, or hosting holiday dinners, a cheese board is such a great necessity to have in your apartment. With this nifty apartment essential, it will be fun and easy to get all settled in.

3. Extra Sheets

Bed sheets and linens should be washed every two weeks. It’s helpful to keep an extra set of sheets on hand when changing them out. This apartment essential will leave your bedroom feeling cozy and fresh!

Sheets Photo Credit: Ktmophoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: Ktmophoto (iStock).

4. Cleaning Supplies

There’s nothing better than coming home to a fresh and tidy space. Stock up on cleaning supplies to keep your apartment in good shape. With cleaning supplies on hand, you’ll have no excuse not to clean.

5. Tool Kit

Every renter should own a toolkit. A hammer, tape measure, level, and nails are all basic tools that come in handy for DIY projects to home improvement upgrades.

Tool Kit Photo Credit: mihalec (iStock).

Photo Credit: mihalec (iStock).

6. Step Stool

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to reach the top shelf. Reach everything you need by keeping a step stool or ladder in your closet. This apartment essential makes it easier to grab things that are higher up.

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7. First Aid Kit

Safety first! Stock your apartment with at least one first aid kit. Just in case there happens to be an injury or medical emergency, you’ll want to make sure you are well prepared.

First Aid Kit Photo Credit: photka (iStock).

Photo Credit: photka (iStock).

8. Extra Storage

If space is limited in your apartment, storage containers, bins, and other storage solutions are a must-have. Storage items that go under the bed or over doors are great for maximizing space in smaller apartments.

9. Power Strips

If you’re living in an apartment, chances are you probably don’t have enough power outlets available. Using power strips you can increase the number of items you are able to plug in.

Power Strip Photo Credit: AnthonyRosenberg (iStock).

Photo Credit: AnthonyRosenberg (iStock).

10. Personal Touches

Last but not least, don’t forget to add your own personal style and flare to your apartment. Just because your renting doesn’t mean you can’t make stylish upgrades. Find reversible upgrades by clicking here.

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