Unfortunately, accidents happen way too often and many of us are left panic-stricken and unprepared. Learn how these 6 household items could literally save your life in just a matter of minutes.

1. Fire Extinguisher

If you don’t own a fire extinguisher, then you seriously need to invest in one. By using this household item to control or extinguish a fire you could literally save your own life. Since most house fires start in the kitchen, the best place to keep a fire extinguisher is in your pantry or an area nearby.

Fire Extinguisher Photo Credit: artisteer (iStock).

Photo Credit: artisteer (iStock).

2. First Aid Kit

Having a fully equipped first aid kit is one of the best ways to be prepared for unexpected emergencies or life-threatening injuries. First aid kits should include gauze pads, different size bandages, gloves, alcohol pads, eyewash, antiseptic cream, cotton swabs, instant ice packs, tape, scissors, tweezers, and common medications like aspirin. For added safety, keep one first aid kit in your home and the other in your vehicle.

First Aid Kit Photo Credit: photka (iStock).

Photo Credit: photka (iStock).

3. Escape Ladder

Besides keeping your smoke and carbon monoxide detector up to code, it’s just as important to establish a plan for fire emergencies and evacuations. If you live in a two-story home, make sure you have a fire escape ladder easily accesible to all your family members. It’s better to be fully prepared than look back and say “you wish you would have.”

4. Emergency Blanket

If you happen to experience a weather emergency like a power outage, you can stay warm without heat using thermal blankets. You’ll be extremely thankful for this survival tool, especially in freezing temperatures. Not to mention, for as little as these space blankets cost, it’s best to keep a few handy around your home.

Space Blanket, Photo . Credit: Kristyna Henkeova (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kristyna Henkeova (iStock).

5. Water Tanks

Make time to gather all the emergency supplies you need, especially extra water. It’s no secret that water is essential for survival. Whether it’s bottled or gallon water, stock up in case of an emergency.

Photo Credit: undefined undefined (iStock).

Photo Credit: undefined undefined (iStock).

6. Freezer-Dried Foods

Keep your kitchen pantry stocked with emergency food supplies. Freeze-dried foods typically have a 25 to 30 year shelve life, which makes them perfect for long-term storage options. You can also resort to canned food items including soups, chili, beans, vegetables, and fruits.