Be aware of potential fire hazards inside your very own home. Take a look at these top 4 appliances that are most likely to catch fire inside your home.

1. Clothes Dryer

Lint-clogged dryers are a serious fire hazard. In fact, nearly 3,000 clothing dryer fires occur every single year in the United States. Resulting in death, hundreds injured, and an estimated $35 million in property damages. To prevent dryers from going up in flames, firefighters recommend cleaning out the lint trap after every use. It’s also important to properly clean out your dryer’s duct system where lint, dust, and fibers easily build up over time.

Laundry Photo Credit: Kerkez (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kerkez (iStock).

2. Broken Dishwashers

Is your dishwasher working properly? A faulty dishwasher may lead to a dangerous and uncontrollable house fire. According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commision, broken dishwashers cause about 500 house fires every year. Although it may seem like a shocking discovery, dishwashers that are damaged can easily catch fire inside the home. To avoid this type of disaster inside the home, make sure you are regularly cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher.

3. Toaster

Don’t leave the house without unplugging your toaster! Toasters that are left plugged in can actually malfunction and easily spark a fire, even if it’s a brand new toaster. For general safety, never leave a toaster unattended and keep the bottom free of crumbs and debris.

Toaster, Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

4. Stovetop

The majority of the house fires start in the heart of your home, the kitchen. From splattered grease to burning pots and pans, the stove-top is a leading cause of house fires. After a long day, it can be easy to get distracted and walk away from your cooking area. A good rule of thumb to prevent house fires is to never leave your kitchen unattended while cooking. Be safe in the kitchen and avoid house fires!

Oven Kitchen Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Take a few extra steps to prevent house fires. For added safety, avoid starting appliances before leaving your home and remember to replace appliances before they act up. It’s also important to keep a fire extinguisher handy somewhere inside your home, practically the kitchen.