Searching for a rental home or your next apartment in Colorado? From a wildly exciting lifestyle to an extravagant landscape, many people are relocating to the adventurous state of “colorful” Colorado. Here are 4 quick tips for renting a home or apartment in Colorado.

1. Choose Your Location Wisely

When it comes to finding a rental property location is key. From neighborhood safety to proximity to work, the location of your next rental home can make a huge difference. If you’re lucky enough, score a rental home with spectacular mountain views or centrally located near the downtown area. Just remember, location is important!

Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods, Photo Credit: RondaKimbrow (iStock).

Photo Credit: RondaKimbrow (iStock).

2. Car Storage Is A Must Have

Don’t take the risk of hail damage. From marble-sized pellets to golf-ball-sized stones, hail storms can cause significant damage to your vehicles and leave behind a hefty repair bill. Look for a rental that offers covered parking or even better, a garage space or two.

3. Negotiate Your Lease Terms

In case you haven’t noticed the Colorado housing market is booming these days. If you’re planning on sticking around in the area for more than just a few years, negotiate a longer lease to avoid sudden rent increases.

Colorado Springs Rooftop Views, Photo Credit: CatLane (iStock).

4. Living Near The Mountains Means More Snow

If you plan on living near the base of the mountains, then you can expect to get way more snow. The weather in Colorado is pretty unpredictable, especially the closer you are to the mountains. From high wind alerts to harsh snowstorms and freezing temperatures, make sure you are well equipped for winter driving conditions.

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