Mums are a signature flower of fall. To keep fall mums alive and fresh all season long, check out these 5 simple tips.

1. Give Mums Space to Grow

Give your mums a little extra space by re-potting them. Moving your mums into a larger pot not only provides fresh soil but, gives your mums more room for better and faster growth.

Mums Photo Credit: Shaun Taylor (iStock).

Photo Credit: Shaun Taylor (iStock).

2. Provide Some Sunlight

Give your mums the energy they need to grow. In other words, make sure mums are placed in a nice, sunny spot. Although mums are a cool-season flower for fall, they still need enough sunlight to blossom.

3. Keep Fall Mums Well Hydrated

The secret to having beautiful mums flourish throughout the entire fall season is to give them enough water. Keep your mums well hydrated, and they will look beautiful on your front porch or doorstep.

Mums Photo Credit: OlgaMiltsova (iStock).

Mums Photo Credit: OlgaMiltsova (iStock).

4. Encourage Second Blooms

Remove dead blooms as they start to wilt to encourage a second bloom. With proper care and maintenance, this festive flower will thrive all season long.

5. Prevent Frost Damage

Bring your mums indoors, especially when the forecast is calling for high winds, snow storms, or freezing temperatures. The best way to protect your mums from frost damage is to move them indoors overnight.

Mums are the perfect fall flower. Use these tips to keep fall mums fresh and beautiful all season long!