Revitalize your garden’s soil for planting and bring back lost nutrients with these 5 easy ways to improve soil naturally.

1. Banana Peels

The best way to keep your soil healthy and well-balanced is to add banana peels to your garden. Bananas are rich in potassium, which is a vital nutrient needed for plant growth and development.

Bananas Photo Credit: ChiccoDodiFC (iStock).

Photo Credit: ChiccoDodiFC (iStock).

2. Coffee Grounds

Recycle your coffee grounds from your morning cup of joe. Mixing coffee grounds directly into your garden’s soil bed will help your plants absorb more nitrogen. Nitrogen is an excellent source of energy for your plants.

Coffee Photo Credit: mars58 (iStock).

Photo Credit: mars58 (iStock).

3. Epsom Salts

If your leaves have white stripes along their veins, your plants could be lacking magnesium.  Easily fix this deficiency without altering PH levels by sprinkling a small amount of Epsom salts into your soil.  Epsom salt in gardening is a natural hack for restoring key nutrients.

4. Egg Shells

Crush up a few eggshells and add them to the bottom of your garden bed. This is a nifty and affordable trick to help replenish calcium levels lost in your soil.

A very close view of crushed egg shells.

5. Wood Ash

Wood ash from your fireplace or stove can do wonders to your garden. Applying wood ash to your garden helps neutralize soil PH levels by reducing acidity.

Use these 5 natural ways to improve soil conditions for a beautiful and thriving garden.