Get gardening ideas that are both budget-friendly and easy for growing in smaller spaces. Here are 5 creative DIY garden projects that you’ll be sure to love.

1. Fish Bowl Terrarium

Bring your garden indoors with a fishbowl terrarium. Succulents, cactuses, and other low maintenance plants are great for growing in smaller spaces, especially for those who live in rental homes or apartments. Creating a fishbowl garden is actually pretty simple, all you need is a fishbowl, pebbles, soil, and plants.

Garden Photo Credit: AlxeyPnferov (iStock).

Photo Credit: AlxeyPnferov (iStock).

2. Raised Bed Garden

For better planting, weed control, and overall improved growth, a raised garden bed is your best option. For step-by-step instructions on how to build a raised garden bed, click here.

Garden Photo Credit: HildaWeges (iStock).

Photo Credit: HildaWeges (iStock).

3. Recycled Garden

Using recycled materials is the new and trendy way to garden. From tin soup cans to glass food jars, you can repurpose almost anything for gardening. Starting seeds in recycled materials is an affordable and eco-friendly way to garden.

Garden Photo Credit: ThitareeSarmkasat (iStock).

Photo Credit: ThitareeSarmkasat (iStock).

4. Eggshell Garden

Starting seeds in eggshells is a creative way to start your own garden. Once your plants start to develop, move the eggshells into a larger pot. The eggshells will eventually break down and add nutrients right back into your garden’s soil.

Garden Photo Credit: artursfoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: artursfoto (iStock).

5. Bottle Hanging Garden

Start a garden using recycled wine or beer bottles. Hang bottles using hemp string from your fence post. This unique DIY gardening project will certainly add style to your outdoor space.

Garden Photo Credit: nedjelly (iStock).

Photo Credit: nedjelly (iStock).

These 5 DIY garden projects will make gardening so much more fun and exciting. For more ideas and inspirations on urban gardening, click here.