If you want to make your backyard a haven for a variety of wild birds, then why not skip the expense of traditional bird feeders and unleash your creativity instead by making your very own DIY bird feeder. By using just a few simple ingredients you can easily make your own bird feeder for hanging in a beloved old tree in your backyard.

This quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY bird feeder is made from items you most likely already have sitting in your pantry, so forget about running to the store. Get crafty by starting this handmade project for your home garden or backyard right now!


Large pinecones

Peanut butter or honey

Birdseed mix

Plates, butter knife, and string

DIY Bird Feeder, Photo Credit: cisilya (iStock).

Photo Credit: cisilya (iStock).

Once you have gathered all your supplies, now it’s time to start creating your very own DIY bird feeder. Lace your string around your pinecone and spread a thick layer of honey or peanut butter onto your pinecone using a butter knife. Next, roll your pinecone back and forth in the birdseed to completely cover it. Lastly, hang your DIY bird feeder in your backyard and get ready for the bird watching to begin.

Bird Feeder, Photo Credit: cisilya (iStock).

Photo Credit: cisilya (iStock).

With this simple 5-minute craft, it will be easier than ever to fill up your garden with charming and beautiful songbirds that will keep coming back all season long.