Looking to find beauty in the winter season? Look no further! Here are 5 ways gardens come alive in the dead of winter.

1. Frosty Landscape

There’s no doubt about, winter landscapes are absolutely stunning, especially in your garden. Snowy mornings leave plants, branches, and leaves covered in winter snow and frost. Take time to enjoy the beauty of your winter garden, it won’t last long!

Winter Garden Photo Credit: Gennady Alexandrov (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Gennady Alexandrov (Flickr).

2. Pops of Color

Enjoy all of the beauty that winter brings to your garden. From snowy landscapes to colorful winter berries, gardens truly come to life even in the dead of winter.

Winter Garden Photo Credit: anokarina (Flickr).

Photo Credit: anokarina (Flickr).

3. Bird Watching

Bird watching is such a relaxing way to spend a snowy day. From filling your bird bath to stocking up on seeds, there’s a number of ways to encourage birds into your garden this winter. For more tips on attracting birds to your garden, click here.

Winter Birds Photo redit: Andrew_Howe (iStock).

Photo redit: Andrew_Howe (iStock).

4. Spruce Up Your Garden

Dress up your garden in the winter season with fun and festive decorating ideas. Get into the spirit of the season by decorating with garden accessories including wagons, ornaments, garden sculptures, solar lights, and more.

Winter Garden Photo Credit: elPadawan (Flickr).

Photo Credit: elPadawan (Flickr).

5. Beautiful Winter Bloom

As the winter season comes to an end, keep an eye out for early spring bloomers. You may just find spring flowers and plants like hellebores, cherry blossoms, and galanthus nivalis popping up in your garden.

Winter Garden Photo Credit: anokarina (Flickr).

Photo Credit: anokarina (Flickr).

The winter seasons provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy our gardens in a whole new light and beauty. Take advantage of the season and watch your garden come alive in the winter.

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