Love the sight of birds in the wintertime? Here’s how you can attract birds to your backyard even in the dead of winter.

1. Provide Tasty Treats

The best way to attract winter birds is to feed them! Keep birds coming around all season long by providing them with tasty, high-calorie snacks. Black-oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet, mixed seeds, safflower, or cracked corn are all popular foods to fill your bird feeder with. The more seeds the better!

Winter Birds Photo Credit: ozma (Flickr).

Photo Credit: ozma (Flickr).

2. Supply Fresh Water

In addition to stocking up on seeds, you’ll want to supply birds with plenty of drinking water. In the winter time, it can be difficult for birds to find water sources, especially when freezing temperatures are present. To prevent water from freezing, consider using a heated birdbath for the winter season.

Winter Birds Photo Credit: Sjensen~ Flickr).

Photo Credit: Sjensen~ (Flickr).

3. Provide Warm Shelter

Provide safe and warm shelter for your birds, especially in the dead of winter. Hang birdhouses near trees or shrubs, making them inaccessible to pests and predators. Not only does this help protect your birds from outside dangers, but it keeps them warm and cozy all season long.

Birdhouse Photo Credit: Marco Verch (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Marco Verch (Flickr).

4. Storm Clean-Up

Try to keep bird feeders clear of snow and ice. This makes it easy for birds to locate your feeders and find a good source of food even in the winter. With proper care and cleaning after each winter storm, you can easily attract birds to your backyard or patio.

Winter Birds Photo Credit: Ryan and Sarah Deeds (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Ryan and Sarah Deeds (Flickr).

Grab yourself a warm cup of coffee and enjoy some backyard bird watching all winter long.