Love to cook? Make cooking easier and even faster with these 8 amazing gadgets every kitchen needs.

1. Vegetable Spiralizer

Enjoy low-carb, guilt-free recipes with a vegetable spiralizer. From spaghetti to chow mein, you can cut back on the carbs by swapping out regular pasta noodles for vegetables like zucchini. You can find this amazing kitchen product on Amazon.

Vegetable Spiralizer Photo Credit: littleny (iStock).

Photo Credit: littleny (iStock).

2. Meat Thermometer

Cook the perfect steak every single time using an instant-read meat thermometer. Whether you’re grilling outdoors or cooking in a pan, this kitchen product is a true game-changer for all the meat lovers out there. Check out top picks for meat thermometers here.

Meat Thermometer Photo Credit: Your Best Digs (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Your Best Digs (Flickr).

3. French Press

Brew the best coffee you’ve ever tasted using a french press. Although this is known as the old fashion way to brew, it happens to be one of the best ways to make a sensation cup of coffee. When it comes to making the perfect cup of joe, you’ll definitely taste the difference with this amazing kitchen product.

Coffee Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

Coffee Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

4. Garlic Press

Garlic is a staple for almost everything we cook, which is why every kitchen needs a garlic press. With this top kitchen essential, you can easily and effortlessly add fresh crushed garlic to all of your favorite recipes.

Garlic Press Photo Credit: PicturePartners (iStock).

Photo Credit: PicturePartners (iStock).

5. Silicone Baking Mats

For an easy and hassle-free baking experience, try using a silicone baking mat. Best of all, mats are non-stick meaning no type of greasing is required. No oil, cooking spray, or parchment paper is needed. You can even use this handy baking mat to help catch spills, keeping your oven clean and tidy!

Oven Mat Photo Credit: ArveBettum (iStock).

Photo Credit: ArveBettum (iStock).

6. Potato Masher

Mash it up! Not only is a potato masher great for making homemade mashed potatoes but it’s even better for serving up some fresh and delicious guacamole. Take advantage of this amazing and super-affordable kitchen product!

Potato Masher Photo Credit:BlakeDavidTaylor (iStock).

Potato Masher Photo Credit: BlakeDavidTaylor (iStock).

7. Cookie Scoop

Avoid messy hands in the kitchen and bake perfectly round chocolate chip cookies using a cookie scoop. Not to mention, this awesome kitchen gadget is great for scooping ice cream out of the container.

Cookie Scoop Photo Credit: RASimon (iStock).

Photo Credit: RASimon (iStock).

8. Loose Leaf Tea Pitcher

Make your favorite blend of tea using a loose leaf tea pitcher. Whether you prefer a warm breakfast tea in the morning or a refreshing cold ice tea in the afternoon, this kitchen gadget makes it quick and easy to brew loose leaf tea.

Tea Photo Credit: karandaev (iStock).

Photo Credit: karandaev (iStock).

Upgrade your kitchen and make cooking easier than you’ve ever expected using these handy gadgets.