Bring your passion indoors with these 5 DIY mountain inspired crafts. Get ready to give your home a whole new look and feel with these mountain inspired decorating ideas.

1. Mountain Mural

Create a space inspired by the mountains! Bring a sense of adventure to your home by making a DIY mountain mural. You can easily transform the look of an entire room with this stylish and multi-layer design.

Mural Photo Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz (iStock).

Photo Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz (iStock).

2. Mountain Inspired Shelf

Check out this step-by-step DIY mountain shelf tutorial. This easy and budget-friendly craft is great for decorating a kids room or really any type of living space. Not to mention, it’s a simple yet beautiful decorating piece.

DIY Photo Credit: Brett Taylor (iStock).

Photo Credit: Brett Taylor (iStock).

3. DIY State Flag

Show off your sense of pride. Dress up your home by creating DIY wall decor inspired by your very own state. Check out this handcrafted wood sign displaying the Colorado flag. For instructions on how to create your own, click here.

Colorado Photo Credit: arinahabich (iStock).

Photo Credit: arinahabich (iStock).

4. Pressed Wildflower Frames

DIY wildflower art is such a unique and fun decorating idea. Plus, it will bring back memories of your favorite trails and hikes. Preserve wildflowers by carefully framing them. Learn how to create this beautiful masterpiece here.

DIY Photo Credit: M_a_y_a (iStock).

Photo Credit: M_a_y_a (iStock).

5. Photo Collage

Transform your home into a mountain escape with photographs of all your favorite adventures. This is the perfect DIY project, if you’re looking to add some mountain inspired decor to your home.

DIY Photo Credit: Baitong333 (iStock).

Photo Credit: Baitong333 (iStock).

If you love the mountains, then these DIY mountain projects are perfect for sprucing up your home.