No matter how old you are pumpkin decorating never gets old. Get into the spirit of Halloween with these 10 DIY pumpkin decorating ideas.

1. Add Fresh Flowers

Love fresh flowers? If you said yes, then why not add them to your pumpkins? For step-by-step instructions on how to create this charming pumpkin floral arrangement, click here.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: All rights reserved (iStock).

Photo Credit: All rights reserved (iStock).

2. Get Inspired By Unicorn Style

Get inspired and decorate your home for fall with this creative DIY project. Follow these DIY steps to make this glam and fun unicorn styled pumpkin on your own.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: arinahabich (iStock).

Photo Credit: arinahabich (iStock).

3. Use Chalk Paint

Get creative and decorate your pumpkins for the fall season using chalk paint. Write your favorite quotes or festive messages right on your decorated pumpkins!

Pumpkin Photo Credit: Choreograph (iStock).

Photo Credit: Choreograph (iStock).

4. Dress Up Your Pumpkins

Avoid the mess and hassle of carving and dress up your pumpkins for Halloween instead. Create fun characters like a scarecrow, witch or even a spooky skeleton.

Halloween Photo Credit: 4nadia (iStock).

Photo Credit: 4nadia (iStock).

5. Be Colorful

Try something different this year and create a colorful pumpkin! This colorful trend never goes out of style and makes for a creative decorating idea. Click here to learn how to create a melted crayon pumpkin for fall decorating.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: chokchaipoomichaiya (iStock).

Photo Credit: chokchaipoomichaiya (iStock).

6. Decorate with Sharpies

Skip out on the mess of pumpkin carving and easily decorate with sharpies. With this DIY pumpkin decorating idea, you can quickly and easily create silly or scary faces. This is a great way to decorate pumpkins. Best of all, no carving is required!

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Pumpkin Photo Credit: FooTToo (iStock).

Photo Credit: FooTToo (iStock).


7. Use Trends Like Rose Gold

Extend the rose gold trend into decorating your pumpkins. Add gold splashes of color and glitter to your pumpkins for a fun and trendy look. Get creative with this DIY pumpkin decorating idea and most importantly, have some fun!

Pumpkin Photo Credit: Coldmoon_photo (iStock).

Photo Credit: Coldmoon_photo (iStock).

8. Pick a Color Scheme

If pumpkin carving isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of crafty alternatives to pumpkin carving. Painting your pumpkins is a quick and easy fix for fall decorating. For best results, choose a color scheme that blends well with your home decor.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: JulyProkopiv (iStock).

Photo Credit: JulyProkopiv (iStock).

9. Keep It Natural

Decorate the all-natural way. Pumpkins and winter squash grow in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Spruce up your outdoor space with a collection of all-natural colored pumpkins. Give your home a rustic and farmhouse look with this creative DIY project.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: FaradayPhotography (iStock).

Photo Credit: FaradayPhotography (iStock).

10. Make It a Tradition

There’s nothing wrong with some basic pumpkin carving. After all, everyone loves a good tradition! Plus, you’ll get to show off your carving skills and bake delicious homemade pumpkin seeds. For more ideas on pumpkin carving, click here.

Pumpkin Photo Credit: dolgachov (iStock).

Photo Credit: dolgachov (iStock).

Get inspired by these fun and easy DIY pumpkin decorating ideas. For more inspiration on decorating your home for the fall season, click here.