Tackle your next home improvement project without any stress or mess. Use these 8 DIY painting hacks for a stress-free experience.

1. Cover Furniture

Before you grab your paintbrush, you’ll need to secure all the items in the room. Carefully, move furniture to the center of the room and away from walls. Cover all items with drop cloths or plastic coverings for added protection against paint splatter or accidents.

Painting Photo Credit: nesharm (iStock).

Photo Credit: nesharm (iStock).

2. Prep The Surface

Clean and prep the surface before applying a fresh coat of paint. Wash walls thoroughly before getting started. It’s helpful to use a swifter or rag to remove any existing dust or dirt.

3. Sand Down Imperfections

For best results, sand down any rough spots prior to painting. This is a quick and easy trick to help give you a smooth and flawless finish. With this simple DIY painting hack, you can paint like the pros!

Painting Photo Credit: LUNAMARINA (iStock).

Photo Credit: LUNAMARINA (iStock).

4. Stock Paint

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of paint halfway through your project. Make sure you have enough paint and supplies to complete your project. In most cases, you will need 1 gallon of paint for every 400 square feet.

5. Take Breaks

The trick to getting a smooth paint finish is to take your time. When you rush, you’ll be more likely to make mistakes or create an uneven finish. If you want to take breaks between painting walls, wrap your paintbrush in a plastic bag to prevent from drying out.

Painting Photo Credit: Tempura (iStock).

Photo Credit: Tempura (iStock).

6. Paint One Wall at a Time

Painting one wall at a time is the best way to ensure your next painting project is a success. It sounds silly, but finishing one wall before starting another will give you a more seamless look.

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7. Stop Paint Runs

The trick to preventing paint runs is to begin at the center and work your way down the wall. This way you can easily catch paint drips and create a smoother finish.

Painting Photo Credit: jesadaphorn (iStock).

Photo Credit: jesadaphorn (iStock).

8. Clean Brushes

The secret to keeping bristles in good shape is to properly clean and care for your paintbrush. To make sure all the paint is completely removed from your brush, scrape away excessive paint. After each use, wash your paintbrush in hot soapy water.

Use these simple DIY painting hacks to achieve beautiful and stunning results.