Dreaming of moving to Colorado? Read this first! Here are 5 things you can expect when moving to Colorful Colorado.

1. Expect Healthy Living

When it comes to your health, it actually matters where you live. If you’re moving to Colorado, you can expect healthy living. In other words, eating well, exercising daily, and practicing mindfulness. Staying healthy is easy when you’re surrounded by an abundance of beautiful and scenic trails!

Colorado Runner Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

2. Coloradans Don’t Hibernate

Colorado is an active state, especially in the dead of winter. From hitting the slopes to dog sledding adventures, you can expect to stay active all season long. Opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation are endless in a state like Colorado!

Colorado Vail Photo Credit: gustavofrazao (iStock).

Photo Credit: gustavofrazao (iStock).

3. Craft Beer is Booming

Colorado is notorious for its love of craft beer. If you’re seriously not a fan of craft beer, swing by the Coors Brewery for a guided tour. Grab a drink with friends and enjoy the mountain views.

Beer Photo Credit: sfe-co2 (iStock).

Photo Credit: sfe-co2 (iStock).

4. Colorado is a Dog-Friendly State

Colorado is the best state for dog lovers. If you bring your dog with you practically everywhere you go, then Colorado is the state for you. Most restaurants, hotels, and even some shopping centers allow dogs. Grab your pup and explore Colorado!

Dog Photo Credit: MEGiordano_Photography (iStock).

Photo Credit: MEGiordano_Photography (iStock).

5. Enjoy Amazing Views

Finding an incredible view of the mountains in Colorado is as simple as going outdoors. With views this spectacular, you’ll never want to leave the state. In addition to Rocky mountain views, you can capture some pretty amazing photographs. Get outside and enjoy the views!

Colorado Photo Credit: tonda (iStock).

Maroon Bells, Colorado Photo Credit: tonda (iStock).

From breathtaking mountain views to endless outdoor recreational activities, Colorado’s beauty is simply unmatched.

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