Between expensive lattes and high insurance rates, there are plenty of ways to cut back and save. Take a look at these 8 things quietly cutting down your savings.

1. Morning Coffee

Fancy lattes could be hurting your savings. Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to brew fresh coffee. You’ll be surprised how much you could save.

Coffee Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

Coffee Photo Credit: RickSause (iStock).

2. Lunches

Don’t leave the house without a packed lunch. Eating out for lunch every day can seriously hurt your wallet. Bring your lunch to work and enjoy big savings.

3. Cable TV

How often do you really watch TV? Nowadays, cable is outrageously priced. Start saving by switching your carrier to Netflix or Hulu.

woman looking the tv at home

4. Extra Gas

If you live pretty close to work, consider walking or riding your bike. You can even carpool to save a little extra on money on gasoline and you’ll add fewer miles to your car. Whether you carpool or walk, you’ll stop cutting down on your savings.

5. Convenient Store

A quick trip to the convenience store for milk or eggs could be costing you way more than you think. Instead of stopping at a convenience store, schedule same day pick up at your local grocery store.

Grocery Shopping Photo Credit: Steve Debenport (iStock).

Photo Credit: Steve Debenport (iStock).

6. Soda

Drinking soda is not good for your budget. According to the U.S Census Burea, the average soda at a restaurant or fast-food place is about $1.75. Say no to soda for added savings.

7. Bottled Water

Bottled water is a silly expense that could be cutting down on your savings account. Not only are reusable water bottles good for the environment, but they save you money.

Water Photo Credit: galitskaya (iStock).

Photo Credit: galitskaya (iStock).

8. Insurance

Put money back in your pocket by comparing insurance rates. Whether it’s car, health, or even homeowners insurance, competitive rates or qualifying discounts can save you a lot of money. All you have to do is ask!

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8. Cigarettes

Don’t throw money away on cigarettes. Not only is smoking bad for your health, but it’s expensive. Break this bad habit and boost your savings account.