Succulents are the perfect plant for growing indoors. Follow these 5 easy tips for growing healthy and thriving succulents all year-round.

1. Pick The Right Succulents

Caring for succulents is easy and by choosing the right types of plants you can ensure happy, healthy, and ongoing growth. The best types of succulents to grow indoors are sedum, agave, sempervivum, kalanchoe, and lithops.

Succulents Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr).

2. Give Your Succulents Enough Sunlight

If you’re growing succulents indoors, make sure to give them plenty of sunlight. Place succulents in sunny areas of your home like window seals or an indoor patio. If succulents are not getting enough sunlight, they will start to lose their natural appearance and look stretched out.

Succulents Photo Credit: NicoleMariePhotoworks (Flickr).

Photo Credit: NicoleMariePhotoworks (Flickr).

3. Use a Good Draining Soil

For indoor succulents, it’s important to use a soil that doesn’t hold a lot of moisture. Succulents do best with a soil that drains well, as they need little water to survive. For more tips on choosing the best type of soil for growing succulents, click here.

Succulents Photo Credit: Ed Galjour (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Ed Galjour (Flickr).

4. Water Properly

Help your succulents thrive indoors by properly watering them. Letting the soil dry out before watering your succulents again is the secret to healthy root growth. For best results, avoid using a spray bottle to water your succulents.

Succulents Photo Credit: Peter Burka (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Peter Burka (Flickr).

5. Use a Plant Pot That Drains

Plant pots with drainage holes are key to gardening success and boosting the growth of your succulents. If you’re new to growing succulents, start off using a plant pot with a drainage hole. As you become more experienced growing succulents, you can move to glass fishbowls or pots without drainage holes.

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Keep your succulents looking healthy and great all season long by using these 5 easy tips for growing succulents.