1. Tomatos

According to one study, roughly 1/3 of American households have a vegetable garden, and out of that, 90% of vegetable gardens have tomatoes. Why? They’re easy to grow and they’ve got a wide range of applications (plus, it’s hard to beat that splash of color). While there are definitely common pitfalls of growing tomatoes, most people will be able to plant them and follow simple directions to get some level of produce out of their efforts.

2. Sunflowers

Yes, I know…this is a flower, not a fruit or veggie. However, the seeds are still quite edible and tossed in a bit of seasoning, they’re quite delicious. One reason the sunflower is an easy plant to grow is its durability. Whether its a really wet year or a dry one, your sunflower plants will still likely thrive. Once your plant is ready to harvest, you’ll have to cut off the head of the plant and remove the seeds (we recommend using a fork). If you think the birds will get to your seeds before you can, consider covering the head of the sunflower with something like cheesecloth.

Sunflower Photo Credit:goodze (iStock).

Photo Credit:goodze (iStock).

3. Zucchinis

Zucchinis are a great plant for beginners due to their relatively quick turnaround from planting to harvest. Generally, you’ll want to plant these in late spring and with proper care, you’ll be looking for produce in as soon as six weeks. They’re great for the new gardener that might be a little impatient (or those of us that never grow out of that). As an added bonus, zucchini plants keep producing after you harvest, meaning you’ll have harvest after harvest with little to no additional effort.

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4. Basil

A basil plant is one plant that practically grows itself – as long as it’s in a spot with plenty of sunlight and planted at the right time. You’ll want to plant your seeds for this plant roughly a month before the last expected frost. Oh, and as an added bonus, basil is a natural bug deterrent, so it can help protect other plants in the garden in its vicinity.

Basil Photo Credit: Darwel(iStock).

Photo Credit: Darwel(iStock).

5. Spinach

This plant is a little different than others on our list because it’s a cold-weather crop. It’s also a great plant to grow because you don’t have to be super selective with when your harvesting occurs – you simply harvest when they reach the desired size.

6. Radishes

A radish is almost as simple as putting the seed in the ground, watering, and waiting. They’re also known for growing really fast – as quickly as 3 weeks.

Radishes Photo Credit:mzajac (iStock).

Photo Credit:mzajac (iStock).

7. Beans

When it comes to beans, you’ve generally got two varieties to pick from – bush beans or pole beans. Either way, beans are easy to grow as long as they get consistent sunlight and water. If you’re looking for something that’s a little atypical to include in the garden, this is it.