Are your next door neighbors making your life miserable? From messy to nasty to disruptive, there are all kinds of bad neighbor problems out there. Here’s how to deal with neighbors who are driving you crazy.

1. Become Friends

You may be having a difficult time getting along with difficult neighbors, but have you actually ever take the time to introduce yourself? The best way to squash drama in between neighbors is to get to know them and who knows you may even possibly become friends. If this is just too awkward for you, host a community BBQ and invite all the neighbors.

Friends Photo Credit: jacoblund (iStock).

Photo Credit: jacoblund (iStock).

2. Be Kind

You can turn any negative relationship around by offering a simple, helping hand. Keep in mind to carefully evaluate the situation prior to confronting your neighbors and always be respectful when doing so. If notice your neighbor’s lawn work is lacking some care, offer some help.

3. Speak Up

Pick your battles and speak up when it’s appropriate. If your neighbor’s dog is driving you absolutely crazy, drop by for a friendly conversation. If there’s a problem, the best way to resolve it is to simply address it. Send your neighbor a note or politely ask to speak with them in person.

Door Bell Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen (iStock).

Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen (iStock).

4. Avoid Gossip

People talk, especially neighbors! Avoid gossiping about your neighbors, no matter what the circumstances are. After all, this will only intensify the situation. Don’t make things worse or even more uncomfortable with pointless gossip.

5. Create Space

If all else fails, just keep your distance. Giving your neighbor some friendly space will make sure there are no future arguments or negative interactions to come. Avoid issues and be the best neighbor on the block!

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Every situation is different, use your best judgment to handle bad neighbor situations in a courteous and respectful manner.