Life by the mountains can be pretty wonderful. When it comes to creating a lifestyle inspired by wanderlust and endless adventure, keep in mind the top essential for every mountain home.

1. Fireplace

A rustic, wood-burning fireplace is a must for any mountain home. After all, nothing beats the relaxation that comes with sitting by a warm, cozy fireplace. Kick your feet up after a long day of hiking and snuggle up by the fire for ultimate comfort.

Fireplace, Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

2. Tall Windows

No mountain home is complete without tall gaping windows. Catch the morning sunrise peaking through the mountain clouds from the comfort of your very own home. Not only will large window make your living areas feel more spacious, but it will also add natural sunlight and warmth to your home.

Photo Credit (iStock)

3. Durable Floors

If outdoor adventure is your weekend escape, then easy-to-clean and durable floors are a must. By selecting low maintenance surfaces, you won’t’ have to worry about dragging mountain dirt and dust throughout the home. While it’s best to leave your hiking boots at the door, top picks for easy-to-clean flooring include vinyl, laminate, tile, and even solid hardwood.

Boots, Photo Credit: jodiejohnson (iStock).

Boots, Photo Credit: jodiejohnson (iStock).

4. Extra Closet Space

Extra closet or storage space comes in handy when it comes to finding a place to store all that outdoor gear and equipment you’ve invested in. From mountain bikes to camping gear and winter skis, you’ll be thankful for having a little extra space in your home.

5. Deck

Retreat to your deck for scenic views and fresh mountain air. Whether it’s an upper-level deck, outdoor patio, or wrap-around porch, every mountain home needs a private oasis where you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or even a glass of wine.

Deck, Photo Credit: Missing35mm (iStock).

Photo Credit: Missing35mm (iStock).

Create the mountain home you’ve always dreamed of with these 5 key essentials.