Kitchen design trends come and go, but some styles seem to last forever. Bring your dream kitchen to life with these 5 timeless trends that are here to stay.

1. Trendy Countertops

Beautiful, sleek countertops are a staple for any well-designed kitchen. Kitchen countertops come in a variety of materials including granite, marble, wood, laminate, concrete, and even recycled materials. Choose the option that best fits your style and budget.

Countertops, Photo Credit: jodiejohnson (iStock).

Photo Credit: jodiejohnson (iStock).

2. Covered Appliances

Design experts are raving over the genius idea of hiding kitchen appliances. From microwaves to dishwashers, kitchen appliances are far from holding a trendy appearance. Disguising appliances helps create a clean, spacious look throughout your entire kitchen. Plus, you won’t have to worry about upgrading that vintage toaster you fell in love with years ago.

3. Kitchen Cabinets With Color

Make a boring and dull kitchen easily stand out with a little bit of color. Beyond being super trendy, giving your kitchen a boost of color adds personality and style to your home. Brighten up your kitchen by painting your kitchen cabinets or island.

Kitchen Cabinets, Photo Credit: essentialimage (iStock).

Photo Credit: essentialimage (iStock).

4. Open-Shelving

Looking to maximize space in your cramped up kitchen? The lack of countertop and cabinet space can be frustrating for many homeowners. With open-shelving, you can easily add more storage space for kitchen essentials, decorations, and even household plants.

Kitchen Cabinets, Photo Credit: undrey (iStock).

Photo Credit: undrey (iStock).

Focusing on these popular trends and styles, you’ll get to enjoy your newly upgraded kitchen for many years to come.