Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t have to be a costly expense. We’ve put together a list of 10 budget-friendly upgrades that can completely transform your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars on remodeling or dealing with messy replacement.

1. Repurpose Rugs

If your kitchen is looking a little bare these days, try adding an area rug for a serious boost of color and style. Outdoor rugs are actually perfect for repurposing in the kitchen because they are durable and stain-resistant.

Rug Home Photo Credit: muratkoc (iStock).

Photo Credit: muratkoc (iStock).

2. Paint Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is a simple and low-cost trick to changing the entire look of your kitchen. This DIY solution is perfect for those who want to update their cabinets but can’t afford the expense and hassle of replacement.

3. Find Stylish Hardware

New hardware will pull together nicely with your freshly painted kitchen cabinets. If your existing hardware is in good shape, then you can spray paint the handles or knobs you already have to create a brand new look!

4. Hang Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves will give your kitchen a sophisticated look with added storage space. You can also use reclaimed wood for shelving to create more of a rustic and modern appeal.

Kitchen Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages (iStock).

Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages (iStock).

5. Get Organized

Have you ever heard of the saying less is more? De-clutter and give your kitchen a beautiful organized look by using chalkboard labels, baskets, and jars. Chalkboard labels can be found on Amazon for just $10 or less.

6. Throw Some Shade

Hanging window treatments will give your kitchen an upgraded appearance without having to make any big changes or exhaust your budget. Valances are ideal for covering kitchen windows because they are decorative but still allow natural light to flow in.

Kitchen Photo Credit: shapecharge (iStock).

Photo Credit: shapecharge (iStock).

7. Swap Out Lighting

Updating your existing light fixtures can add a great sense of style to your kitchen. Try changing out your lighting for more of an upscale glow. You can even create a focal point with any type of lighting fixture that is bold or super trendy.

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8. Get A New Faucet

A new faucet is a great way to freshen up your kitchen. Brass, double handle, swivel pull, and chrome faucets are all great additions to consider. Score deals on faucets at garage sales, antique markets, and discount hardware stores.

9. Color Your Island

Instantly add a splash of color to your kitchen by painting your island in a fun and untraditional color. Painting in shades of blue, green, and even red will leave your kitchen with an elevated look.

Kitchen Photo Credit: asbe (iStock).

Photo Credit: asbe (iStock).

10. Change It Up

Last but not least, don’t forget about decorating your kitchen. Decorating is a low-cost way to add style to your kitchen. Adding vases, wall art, greenery, and other home decor items to your kitchen will make a huge difference for creating a stylish and upgraded look.