Looking to step up your cooking game in the kitchen? These 7 kitchen hacks will change the way you cook for the better!

1. Chop Vegetables

Speed up the cooking process by chopping and seasoning your veggies the night before. Toss mixed veggies with olive, salt, herbs, and even lemon juice. Oven-roasted veggies are healthy, super easy to make, and simply delicious. Not to mention, they are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and fibers.

Cooking, Veggies, Photo Credit: jenifoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: jenifoto (iStock).

2. Add More Salt

Don’t be skimpy on the salt. Properly seasoning your dishes with the use of salt is the secret to tastefully cooking. Adding salt intensifies flavors and dramatically enhances the taste of your food.¬† Whip up amazing food dishes in no time with the art of seasoning.

3. Give Your Food Some Space

One of the most common cooking mistakes seen today is overcrowding your pan. Avoiding adding too much meat to the pan. This gives your food enough room to cook thoroughly to destroy any harmful bacteria.

Cooking, Photo Credit: NRuedisueli (iStock).

Photo Credit: NRuedisueli (iStock).

4. Use Cast Iron Cookware

Do cast iron pans actually make your food taste better? Many people swear by this kitchen secret for next-level cooking. Cast iron pans and skillets are extremely durable and add a world of flavor to any dish. Improve your cooking skills and upgrade your kitchen cookware with cast iron.

5. Keep Your Spices Fresh

Keep spices fresh for longer by storing them in a dry, cool place. Make sure lids are tightly sealed and avoid storing spices near heat or areas with direct sunlight. The general shelf life for spices is about 2-4 years.

Kitchen, Spices, Photo Credit: macniak (iStock).

Photo Credit: macniak (iStock).

6. Store Your Bread In The Freezer

Store-bought bread grows mold incredibly fast in the kitchen. For maximum freshness, keep your bread in the freezer. To defrost individual slices, pop in the toaster or oven for just a few short minutes.

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7. Use Small Amounts of Olive Oil

Stop drenching your dishes in oil. A little bit of olive oil goes a long way when it comes to cooking. Reduce the oil and amp us the flavors!