Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your Keurig coffee maker running smoothly. Learn how to clean your Keurig coffee maker with these 4 simple steps.

1. Wash Removable Parts

First, unplug your Keurig and disassemble any removable pieces. Clean removable parts by soaking them in hot soapy water including; the water reservoir and k-cup holder.

2. Remove Calcium Deposits

Next, scrub the coffee holder inside your Keurig machine using an old toothbrush. This will remove any buildup or residue inside your brewer such as calcium deposits.

3. Clean Inside Your Keurig

After washing all the removable parts thoroughly, you can now put your Keurig back together. Next, fill the water reservoir half-way with white vinegar and run the Keurig through two brew cycles. (Remember, no k-cup is actually needed inside the coffee holder during the Keurig cleaning process)

4. Eliminate Lingering Vinegar

Lastly, run the brew cycle using only warm water. Continue to repeat this step until the vinegar smell is completely eliminated. Keep in mind, vinegar is not harmful if a few drops happen to make it into your morning cup of joe.

These 4 simple steps are the quickest and easiest way to clean a Keurig coffee maker. Repeat every three to six months, depending on how often you are using your Keurig coffee machine.