Are you traveling over the holidays? Don’t panic over long check-in lines, flight delays, and large crowds. Follow these tips for a calm, stress-free traveling experience during the busy holiday season.

1. Be An Early Bird

It’s should be no surprise that you should plan to arrive early at the airport during the holidays. Give yourself plenty of time to check in and make your way through security checkpoints. Arrive early and you won’t have to risk or stress about missing your flight. In addition to arriving early, you can also check-in and download a digital boarding pass all from the convenience of your phone.

Travel, Airports, Photo Credit: (iStock).

Photo Credit: (iStock).

2. Stay Charged

Don’t forget to charge your phone! Keep your smartphone, tablet, and other devices fully charged while traveling. Extend your battery life by turning the screen brightness down and switching your phone to airplane mode. You can also give your phone a super quick charge with any one of these portable charges┬árecommended for traveling.

3. Prevent Sickness

Load up on vitamin C and hand sanitizer! Make it through the holidays without getting sick. Boost your immune system with vitamins, wash your hands frequently, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. Combining all of these preventative measures will help you avoid sickness during the holiday season.

Sick Photo Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs (iStock).

Photo Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs (iStock).

4. Be Patient

If you’re planning to travel on or around the holidays, you can expect a little chaos. Make holiday traveling a breeze by keeping your attitude in check. Be patient and anticipate dealing with unexpected events including flight delays, large crowds, and traffic jams.

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Traveling over the holidays can be rough, use these tips to navigate through the madness of the holiday season.