You can never be too prepared when it comes to traveling. Don’t forget to put these 7 essential items in your suitcase.

1. Travel Docs

You won’t get very far without travel documents. If you happen to forget these required documents, there’s a pretty slim chance you’ll make it past airport security. Valid identification like a driver’s license or passport is required for domestic travel. If you have any questions about what travel requirements you can bring, contact your airline.

2. Your Camera

When packing for your next big trip, don’t forget to bring your camera along, and the charger. If you plan on taking a lot of photographs, you may even want to get some extra memory cards. Keep your camera safe during travel by properly storing it in a padded case inside your carry-on bag.

Camera Photo Credit: oatawa (iStock).

Photo Credit: oatawa (iStock).

3. Reusable Water Bottle

You’ll definitely want to pack a reusable water bottle on your carry-on bag. Bottled water is ridiculously expensive, especially at airports. Save money and help the environment by switching to a reusable water bottle. You can easily fill up your bottle at a nearby water fountain.

4. Reading Material

Reading is always a good choice for long flights. Not only will reading a book make traveling more enjoyable, but it will help the time pass by more quickly. Whether it’s a magazine or your all-time favorite book, bring something interesting to read on the plane.

Cozy, Reading Photo Credit: ChesiireCat (iStock).

Photo Credit: ChesiireCat (iStock).

5. Snacks

Don’t go hungry on the plane or pay insane prices for airline snacks. Pack your own snacks, no matter how short your flight is. Protein bars, trail mix, nuts, chips, crackers, and dried fruit are healthy and easy to pack snacks for travelers on the go.

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6. Dress in Layers

Be prepared for the unexpected including winter weather or freezing airplane temperatures. Stay comfy by packing the right gear and dressing in layers. You can even pack an extra set of clothes on your carry-on and change when you arrive at your final destination.

Travel, Airports, Photo Credit: VladTeodor (iStock).

Photo Credit: VladTeodor (iStock).

7. Medication

Suffering from migraines? Don’t forget to pack common medications like cough drops, antacids, pain relievers and anything else you may think you might need. It’s better to be prepared than feel absolutely miserable throughout your travels.

Don’t leave home without packing these top 7 essentials for a safe and happy traveling experience. Park smart and enjoy your trip!