Are you a Colorado native? Let’s find out, take a look these funny signs that mean you definitely grew up in Colorado.

1. You Probably Drive a Subaru

Subarus along with jeeps and 4runners are known for their performance in rough terrain, especially in the mountains. If you grew up in Colorado, then you know most vehicles are equipped for the mountains and winter driving conditions.

Subaru Photo Credit: Ivan BC (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Ivan BC (Flickr).

2. You Carry a Hat and Gloves Practically Everywhere You Go

The weather is unpredictable in Colorado, so you plan ahead by dressing in layers. You may even prepare for sudden changes in temperature by keeping hat and gloves in your car.

3. Almost Every Pay Check is Spent at REI

You can never really have enough gear….or can you? If you grew up in Colorado, then you know that buying good, quality gear is essential to enjoying the great outdoors.

4. Drinking Craft Beer is Your Thing…and Lots of It!

Colorado is all about craft beer. If you’ve lived here long, then you know can pretty much find any kind of beer you can possibly imagine.

Craft Beer Photo Credit: Brian Gonzalez (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Brian Gonzalez (Flickr).

5. Rocks Are Totally Meant For Climbing

In Colorado, rock climbing a very popular sport. Natives are familiar with all the hidden gems and spots for an epic rocking climbing session.

6. Your Summer Bucket List Consists of Colorado 14ers

The mountains truly make you feel inspired in Colorado. In the summer, you can find most locals climbing fourteeners and checking mountains off their bucket list.

Mt. Massive, Colorado Photo Credit: Michael W Murphy (Flickr).

Mt. Massive, Colorado Photo Credit: Michael W Murphy (Flickr).

7.  You Cheer For The Rockies Like It’s Your Job

Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or not, you show some serious state pride by cheering for the Colorado Rockies.

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8. Food Trucks Are Your Idea of Fancy

Coloradans love a good food truck. From street tacos to Latin cuisine, you never know what you’re going to find, but one thing is for sure the food is absolutely delicious.

9. You Never Leave Home Without Your Pooch

Colorado is a dog-friendly state. From hiking the trails to visiting local shopping centers, your four-legged friend can most likely tag along practically anywhere you go.

Dog on trail Photo Credit: Brian Gonzalez (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Brian Gonzalez (Flickr).

10. The Real Rocky Mountain High Means Something Totally Different

Yes we know, recreational marijuana is legal in most of Colorado but how about the “real rocky mountain high” the locals are referring to? I’m talking about epic views, breathing taking scenery, and the challenge of climbing a mountain up to 14,000 feet.

11. You Know How To Walk in Ski Boots

For those who don’t know yet, if you move to Colorado, then you can expect to learn pretty quickly how to walk in ski boots. Depending on the weather conditions , ski season typically runs from mid November to early April.

Ski Photo Credit: MIlt T (Flickr).

Photo Credit: MIlt T (Flickr).

12. You Can Conquer The Mountains

Besides the fact that Colorado is an active and healthy state, living in the mountains allows you to develop strong physical endurance. This is especially true at higher altitudes or above 5,000 feet.

13. You Never Go Hiking Without Your Camelbak

If you’re a Colorado native, then you know staying hydrated on the trail is important and super-easy using your camelback. Hydration packs are the perfect accessory for hiking or running on the trails.

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14. Wildlife is Just a Normal Part of Life

Seeing deer, elk, moose, even bears are just a part of everyday life in Colorado. Wildlife roams the diverse landscape and you’re certainly know how to share the trails.

Deer Photo Credit: Mark Byzewski (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Mark Byzewski (Flickr).

15. Winter is More Exciting Than Summer

Skiing and snowboarding are huge in mountainous states. For Colorado locals, the fun really starts when it gets cold and the winter season arrives.

If you can relate to most of the items on this list then there’s no denying you grew up in Colorado or you seriously belong here.