Bring your love of gardening indoors and grow fresh herbs all season long. Take a look at these 10 easy herbs you can start growing indoors.

1. Basil

Keep your kitchen stocked with fresh basil by growing indoors. For best results, we recommend using smaller globe types like lime or sweet basil. Basil is a great addition for making sandwiches, salad dressings, oils, soups, pasta, and even the perfect topping for some homemade pizza.

Basil Photo Credit: LollyKnit (Flickr).

Photo Credit: LollyKnit (Flickr).

2. Parsley

Try growing parsley in containers inside your home. Make sure your container has drainage holes for healthy growth and watering, It also a good idea to place your parsley container in a cool and sunny area inside your home. Mist lightly with a spray bottle to keep the soil moist.

3. Mint

Enjoy fresh mint all year-round by growing indoors. You can expect this tasty herb to grow anywhere from 1 to 2 feet tall. This calming and soothing herb can be added to your tea, smoothies, cocktails, soups, and even salads.

Mint Photo Credit: Edsel Little (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Edsel Little (Flickr).

4. Cilantro

Spice things up with fresh and flavorful homegrown cilantro. Like many other herbs, cilantro is incredibly easy to grow. This herb can be harvested in as little as 45 days and pairs extremely well with garlic, lime, chiles, and onions.

5. Oregano

Add extra flavor to your recipes with fresh grown oregano. This herb is super-easy to grow indoors and thrives when placed in sunny areas such as your kitchen window seal. Perfect for seasoning red meat, chicken, fish, and even vegetables like tomatoes.

Oregano Photo Credit: Emma Jane Hogbin Westby  (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Emma Jane Hogbin Westby (Flickr).

6. Sage

The secret to growing sage indoors is to start from a small plant. Sage is best used when paired with other flavors like parsley, rosemary, and thyme. Remember, a little bit of sage goes a long way when it comes to cooking, especially if you’re using dried leaves.

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7. Lemongrass

If you’re looking to start out simple, grow lemongrass. No soil is required for this indoor herb. Growing lemongrass is surprisingly easy, just place bulbs in a glass vase with a few inches of water. Fresh or dried, you can boil lemongrass for about 5 minutes to make an infused herbal tea.

Photo Credit: Luis Tamayo (Flickr).

8. Dill

Grow dill inside your home year-round. This fresh herb is great for seasoning carrots, green beans, potatoes, stews, poultry, and fish. For step-by-step instructions on growing dill indoors, click here.

9. Bay Leaves

Never search the grocery store aimlessly for bay leaves again! By adding a leaf or two to homemade soups and sauces, you can easily create flavorful and super-yummy dishes in your kitchen.

10. Rosemary

If you’re growing rosemary indoors, be sure to place this herb in a nice sunny spot. This herb can be tricky to grow indoors but it’s well worth the try. Here’s everything you need to know about easily growing rosemary indoors.