Winter is here, which means it’s time for some winter cleaning. Take advantage of the extra time spent indoors this season by deep-cleaning your kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning your kitchen for winter.

1. Get Your Oven In Tip-Top Shape

First things first tackle that dirty oven! With lots of baking going on around the holidays, you’ll want to be sure your oven is totally free of grease, spills, food debris, and grime. For a sparkling clean oven, you can remove persistent grease stains using all-natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. For step-by-step instructions on how to clean your oven this winter, click here.

Clean Oven Photo Credit: belchonock (iStock).

Photo Credit: belchonock (iStock).

2. Spruce Up Your Cabinets

In addition to cleaning your oven over the winter season, you’ll definitely want to shine up your kitchen cabinets. Wipe down the face of your cabinets using a warm, soapy dish cloth. This will remove any existing grime and grease. You can even take a vacuum to the inside of your cabinets to get rid of any lingering food crumbs. Regularly cleaning your kitchen cabinets will keep them looking just as good as new!

Kitchen Photo Credit: undrey (iStock)..

Photo Credit: undrey (iStock).

3. Make Room For Holiday Leftovers

Don’t put off the annoying task of cleaning out your refrigerator any longer. Winter is the perfect opportunity to clear out space and keep your fridge tidy. Start by removing all of the items inside your fridge, followed by wiping down all the shelves and bins. Once you feel like everything is sanitized, you can start putting items back inside for an exceptionally fresh and re-organized fridge.

Fridge Photo Credit: Anna_Om (iStock).

Photo Credit: Anna_Om (iStock).

4. Make Your Kitchen Backsplash Sparkle Again

When it comes to cleaning your tile backsplash, you don’t have to worry about toxic or harsh chemicals. In fact, one of the best ways to clean dirty and greasy tile grout is to use all-natural cleaners like baking soda, distilled vinegar, and lemon juice. Take care of these tough stains and make your kitchen backsplash look like new again!

Cabinets Photo Credit: Chiociolla (iStock).

Photo Credit: Chiociolla (iStock).

5. Create Extra Pantry Space

The winter is the perfect time to declutter and get organized. Start by rearranging all the items in your kitchen pantry. You can use jars, labels, and even baskets to get better organized. Not only will you create more space, but you’ll able to easily find the items you’re looking for. With these simple organizational hacks, you can make space in even the tiniest areas in your kitchen.

Kitchen Photo Credit: Sohl (iStock).

Photo Credit: Sohl (iStock).

It’s no secret, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. Put these quick and easy tips to good use and keep your kitchen clean all winter long!