Getting ready to list your home on the market? Here are 8 red flags that scare away potential home buyers and how to fix them.

1. Stained Carpets

Icky carpets are a big turn off for potential home buyers. If you have stained or dirty looking carpets, consider having them professionally cleaned before showing your home.

Photo Credit: emmacarew (Flickr).

2. Pet Odor

Don’t let nasty pet odor scare away potential home buyers. Deep-cleaning, washing linens, installing new air filters, and adding air fresheners are some effective ways to get rid of dog or cat smells lingering in your home.

3.  Ugly Walls

Most home buyers are looking for a house that’s move-in ready that requires little to no updates. Outdated wallpaper, bright colored walls, or even ugly bathroom tile could be getting in the way of selling your home.  To appeal to the largest range of home buyers, you’ll want to upgrade walls to neutral colors and paint shades.

ugly tile Photo Credit: Richard Wellenberger (iStock).

Photo Credit: Richard Wellenberger (iStock).

4. Signs of Damage

Signs of hail or water damage in your home is a big red flag for potential buyers. Prior to selling, make necessary repairs to visible signs of damage including holes in walls, cracked tiles, leaks, and more. If you don’t make repairs, you can expect any type of maintenance issue to delay the sale of your home.

5. High Traffic

Living too close to the road or being located near high traffic areas could interfere with the sale of your home. If this is the case for you, try thinking of a list of reasons why this could actually be beneficial to potential buyers like having easier access to downtown areas.

Photo Credit: Allen Watkin (Flickr).

6. Bad Neighbors

Unfortunately, loud or messy neighbors could chase away the perfect home buyer. Don’t let this happen to you, click here for some tips on properly dealing with bad neighbors when selling your home.

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7. A Messy Home

A home that’s dirty, messy, and filled with clutter will certainly scare away potential home buyers. For tips on properly stagging your home even on a tight budget, click here.

8. Cold Feet

Sometimes home buyers get a case of cold feel and the sale is completely out of your control. Be patient when selling your home and wait for the perfect buyer to make an amazing offer!