If you suspect your home has been invaded by cockroaches, here are a few evident signs to look out for.

1. Actually Seeing Cockroaches in Your House

Physically seeing cockroaches in your home is unmistakable evidence you have a potential bug problem. Typically cockroaches come out during the night, but spotting them during the daytime could mean you have a large roach infestation. Call an exterminator right away if you’re seeing roaches lurking around your home throughout the day.

2. Discovering Roach Droppings

Spotting fecal droppings is an easy way to detect a roach infestation inside the home. Check for signs of roaches throughout your entire kitchen. Roach feces can be spotted in common areas including the floors, sink, pantry, and even behind the stove or refrigerator. Dropping can look anything like tiny specs of pepper to subtle brown stains. Be on the lookout for any possible sign of these nasty and unwanted creatures.

3. Spotting Roach Egg Casings

Oothecae also known as roach egg casings are definite signs of roaches. Depending on the type of roach you have, egg casings can hold anywhere between 20 to 50 eggs at a time. Once the eggs hatch, roaches will leave oothecae behind. Although egg casings are often hidden, you may be able to find them throughout your home.

4. Strange Odors

Cockroaches give off an unpleasant and lingering odor. Not only can this odor make your food taste bad, but it can attract other roaches. Many people have described this odor as strong, musky, and oily smell. Unfortunately, the odor only gets worse until your home is properly treated for roaches.

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5.  Finding Dead Roaches

Finding dead cockroaches inside your house isn’t a good sign. Many think dead roaches are a sign of relief, but really it’s just an indication that the infestation is on-going and possibly growing in size. Chances are if you find one dead roach, there’s plenty more where that came from.

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