Making your rental space feel like home doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of ways to add style and comfort to your rental home without having to risk your security deposit. Check out these 5 reversible upgrades for your home.

1. Swap Out Lighting

If your rental home has dull or outdated lighting fixtures, then you’ll definitely want to upgrade. Swap out existing fixtures with popular lighting trends that include chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, sconce, and vanity lighting. This upgrade is completely reversible and won’t jeopardize your security deposit.

Lighting Photo Credit: ArisSu (iStock).

Photo Credit: ArisSu (iStock).

2. Hang New Curtains

The easiest way to give your rental home a makeover is to hang decorative curtains. New curtains can instantly enhance the look of an entire room while keeping your landlord happy. Adding patterned, colored, or even sheer curtains to your windows is both budget and renter-friendly.

Curtains Photo Credit: ben-bryant (iStock).

Photo Credit: ben-bryant (iStock).

3. Change Hardware

Changing hardware on cabinet doors is a wonderful way to upgrade your renter kitchen or bathrooms. Cabinet knobs, pulls, or handles are available in nearly endless patterns and styles. Hardware updates are reversible and completely affordable making it a great upgrade option for renters.

Hardware Photo Credit: ginew (iStock).

Photo Credit: ginew (iStock).

4. Frame Mirrors

Refresh bathrooms by updating dull or frameless mirrors. Adding decorative trim to a builder grade mirror is an easy way to boost style and character. Don’t overlook small upgrades. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference when it comes to beautifying your rental home.

Mirror Photo Credit: kerpetenlui (iStock).

Photo Credit: kerpetenlui (iStock).

5. Decorate

Transform your rental space into a stunning new space with home decor. Personalize your rental home with your favorite wall art, plants, trays, rugs, pillows and so much more. Decorating has a huge impact on brightening up your space. Plus, it’s affordable for renters and landlord-friendly.

Decor Photo Credit:in4mal (iStock).

Photo Credit:in4mal (iStock).

Rather than risking your security deposit, use these 5 reversible upgrades to make your rental property feel like home.