If you struggle with insomnia, these 5 common household plants may be exactly what you need to get better sleep at night. Reset your sleep cycle with any one of these all natural sleeping aids like lavender and aloe vera.

1. Lavender

If you’re a big fan of using essential oils, then you’re probably already familiar with the amazing benefits lavender has to offer. This small purple flower is known for its gentle and calming effects on the body, especially when it comes to improving sleep quality. Doze off faster and stay asleep longer by adding lavender to your nightly bedtime routine.

Lavender, Photo Credit: awayge (iStock).

Photo Credit: awayge (iStock).

2. Aloe Vera

Say goodbye to sleepless nights. With an aloe vera plant sitting right next to your nightstand, you can expect to sleep more soundly each night. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go with this simple trick for fighting insomnia and sleeping better.

Plants, Photo Credit: DAVIDJAMESSWANSON (iStock).

Photo Credit: DAVIDJAMESSWANSON (iStock).

3. Chamomile

According to WebMD, Chamomile is widely used to enhance shut-eye quality. For centuries, people have been turning to chamomile teas, supplements, and even fresh flowers for it’s calming and soothing properties. For better quality sleep, explore this all natural remedy.

Chamomile Daisy, Photo Credit: Milaspage (iStock).

Photo Credit: Milaspage (iStock).

4. Jasmine

Growing jasmine flowers in your bedroom window seal will significantly reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. Alleviate insomnia and start sleeping again with the harmonizing scent of jasmine. Besides with health benefits this good, you must give this all-natural sleeping remedy a try!

Jasmine, Photo Credit: dianazh (iStock).

Photo Credit: dianazh (iStock).

5. Peace Lily

Living up to its name, Peace Lilies can help transform your home into a calming and relaxing escape. According to NASA, peace lilies are one of the best plants for removing dangerous toxins in the air. The fresh air not only helps create a sense of tranquility for sleeping with ease, but it also improves indoor air quality.

Peace Lily, Photo Credit: cadifor (iStock).

Photo Credit: cadifor (iStock).

Start getting the kind of beauty sleep you deserve by bringing in any one of these 5 household plants into your bedroom.