Looking to keep your spending under control during the holiday season? Avoid these 4 costly mistakes and enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your budget.

1. Procrastinating

Waiting till the very last minute to book rental cars, hotel rooms, flights, and even holiday gift shopping could be costing you a fortune. Give yourself a deadline for making holiday arrangements and shop early. After all, time is money. Do whatever it takes to stop procrastinating this holiday season.

2. Overspending

With the excitement and rush of the holidays, it can be easy to spend too much money on the ones we love. Simplify your holiday shopping and save money by making a list. Write down every person you plan on buying for including budget-friendly gift ideas. We also recommend shopping online to find the best deals and beat the overwhelming number of crowds and traffic jams.

Shopping Crowds, Photo Credit: estherpoon (iStock).

Photo Credit: estherpoon (iStock).

3. Buying a Gift For Everyone

Just because the holidays mark the season of giving doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive gifts for everyone you know. The real meaning of the season is to create memories and spend time with the ones we love. Save money this year by buying gifts for only close family members and friends. You can even suggest doing a gift exchange like “secret santa” to cut down on unnecessary holiday spending.

4. Ignoring Deals

There’s plenty of ways you can save around the holidays like exploring in-store promotions and online deals. Sign up for email offers, follow companies on Facebook, and simply ask for more information on current deals. Save money during the holiday season by shopping smart and taking advantage of the all deals out there!

Sale Save Money, Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Photo Credit: ablokhin (iStock).

Don’t let the holidays leave you broke. Steer clear from the costly mistakes and you won’t have to worry about recovering from holiday spending.