Don’t be embarrassed by your ugly kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a rental home or apartment, we’ve got some trendy ideas that are completely reversible. Here are 4 temporary solutions to fix ugly, outdated, or even discolored kitchen cabinets.

1. Apply Contact Paper

Transform your kitchen cabinets with contact paper or peel and stick wallpaper. Place contact paper inside your cabinets or cover the outside doors. Not only will this add style to your kitchen but it helps protect your cabinets from daily wear and tear. By removing the contact paper or wallpaper you can easily reverse this upgrade with no damage to the cabinets.

Kitchen Photo Credit: ArchiViz (iStock).

Photo Credit: ArchiViz (iStock).

2. Remove Cabinet Doors

Temporarily removing the doors on your kitchen cabinets will create a spacious look. With open shelving, you can now fill your cabinets with your favorite dishes. This solution is renter-friendly or great for those not looking to spend a fortunate on remodeling projects.

Cabinets Photo Credit: Scukrov (iStock).

Photo Credit: Scukrov (iStock).

3. Add Decorative Hardware

Spruce up your kitchen cabinets by swapping out your existing hardware. Decorative hardware is available in a variety of patterns. Find a style that best compliments your decor. This simple and non-permanent change is a great way to upgrade the kitchen in your rental home or apartment.

Hardware Photo Credit: ginew (iStock).

Photo Credit: ginew (iStock).

4. Create Contrast

Bring new life to your kitchen cabinets by establishing contrast. Create contrast by painting the surrounding walls or upgrading your backsplash with tile or chalk paint. Rather than dealing with the mess and hassle of cabinet replacement, these nifty tricks will help disguise outdated cabinets and give your kitchen a major facelift.

Backsplash Photo Credit: in4mal (iStock).

Backsplash Photo Credit: in4mal (iStock).

Give your kitchen cabinets a quick and affordable makeover with these 4 temporary solutions. With these stylish upgrades, your rental home or apartment will start to feel like home again.