Don’t let the lack of space in your home keep you from gardening. From verticle pallets to rooftop escapes, there are many ways you can start a garden without a backyard. If you have limited space for gardening, you will love these 5 gardening ideas for your front porch or patio.

1. Pallet Garden

Start a herb garden by reusing a wooden pallet. Pallets are a fantastic option for gardening in tighter living spaces. Flip the pallet vertically and plant your favorite herbs in the pockets of the wooden frame. For step by step instructions on creating your very own pallet garden, click here.

Urban Gardening Photo Credit: FredFroese (iStock).

Photo Credit: FredFroese (iStock).

2. Window Garden

Don’t let limited space in your home keep you from your love of gardening. Placing small pots or planter boxers in windows is an excellent option for renters or those living in smaller spaces. Window ledges provide good sunlight needed for growing cactuses, succulents, and herbs.

Garden Photo Credit: tashka2000 (iStock).

Photo Credit: tashka2000 (iStock).

3. Box Garden

For garden lovers, there’s is no such thing as not enough space. Unleash your creative side with a box garden. Repurpose antique crates or wine boxes for gardening in smaller spaces. Box gardens also make for great front porch decorations.

herbs Photo Credit: kirin_photo (iStock).

Photo Credit: kirin_photo (iStock).

4. Rooftop Garden

No yard, no problem! Take urban gardening to the next level by creating a rooftop garden. Besides being super trendy, a rooftop garden offers a nice sunny spot for starting a garden with no backyard. For more ideas on creating your very own rooftop garden, click here.

Garden Photo Credit: weareadventurers (iStock).

Photo Credit: weareadventurers (iStock).

Just because you live in an apartment or have limited space in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own garden. Get inspired by these 5 gardening ideas for your front porch, patio, or rooftop.