Frustrated with the amount of dirt inside your home? Stop dirt at your doorstep with these simple and easy tips.

1. Take Off Your Shoes

If you want to keep dirt out, then you should strongly consider going shoe-free at home. Politely ask guests to remove shoes before coming inside the house. You can even hang a cute sign at your front door that says “please take off your shoes”. Either way, a shoe-free zone is ideal for a clean and tidier home.

Photo Credit: Rancic Aleksandar (iStock).

2. Invest In A Quality Vacuum

A quality vacuum cleaner goes a long way in picking up dirt and debris. If you invest in a good vacuum cleaner, then you wouldn’t have to spend hours scrubbing your floors clean. Do online research and read plenty of products to find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home.

Cleaning, Vacuum, Photo Credit: OlgaMiltsova (iStock).

Photo Credit: OlgaMiltsova (iStock).

3. Keep Pets Well-Groomed

It’s no surprise that pets track dirt inside the home. To stop dirt from collecting inside the home, regularly brush and bath your dog. Not only does having a well-groomed pet reduce the amount of dirt inside your home, but it helps control pet hair from getting everywhere.

Home Photo Credit: O_Lypa (iStock).

Photo Credit: O_Lypa (iStock).

4. Empty Your Vacuum Outdoors

Every time you empty your vacuum cleaner, you release a heavy amount of dirt and dust inside your home. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to take your vacuum cleaner outdoors for disposing of the contents. Empty dirt into a plastic bag and simply toss into an outside trash bin. Use these simple and easy tips to enjoy a dirt-free and tidy home.