Celebrate the New Year in style with the hottest paint trends of 2019. Take a sneak peek at just a few of our favorite paint color trends exclusively from 2019

1. Elephant Skin: PPU18-16

If you haven’t already, it’s time to make the shift towards neutral paint shades. Not only is this a sophisticated option for homeowners, but it has a timeless appeal. You can expect this paint color trend to do well in almost every room.

Photo Credit: ExperienceInteriors (iStock).

2. Benjamin Moore: AF-690

You can’t go wrong with a soft hint of grey. Create calm, soothing vibes all throughout your home with subtle notes of grey. With gorgeous neutral tones, Benjamin Moore makes the perfect paint color for any room you pick.

Photo Credit: Scovad (iStock).

3. Behr: Blueprint: s470-5

The New Year is the ideal timing to give your home a serious makeover. With a paint shade like Blueprint. you can easily add a boost of style to your home. This rustic shade was also named the color of the year by BEHR. A top choice for bedrooms, living areas, and even the kitchen cabinets

Living room, Photo Credit: ArchiViz (iStock).

Photo Credit: ArchiViz (iStock).

4. Water: HDC-CT-26

Get inspired by this modern living room pictured below. Don’t be afraid to embrace unique paint colors and try something a little out of the ordinary this year. From accent walls to living rooms, you can certainly brighten up your home with this fun paint color.

Living Room, Holidays, Photo Credit: hemul75 (iStock).

Photo Credit: hemul75 (iStock).

5. Dark Navy: S530-7

Instantly add style and flair to your home by choosing a bold paint color, especially in deeper hues. Remember, darker paint colors make a room appear smaller. To avoid this shrinking effect, stick to only painting accent walls or larger areas with this specific shade of blue.

Home, Photo Credit: Scovad (iStock).

Ring in the New Year in style and transform your home with these top 5 paint colors from 2019.